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Since its establishment in 1996, Shanghai Shen Ge magneto electric equipment Co., Ltd. has been committed to producing high quality film capacitors, with the strict management of Taiwan enterprises with the high productivity of the world factory.


With the support of many customers at home and abroad, as well as the world's major products and security certification, the application layout of the sac is almost everywhere in the world, from the wind power station and the drilling well platform in the vast sea, the nuclear powered submarine in the deep sea, the urban jungle from the tall building to the vast and boundless Gobi sand. The desert solar power plants, from the indispensable air conditioning of every family to the thousands of homes in the United States, are silently helping us to have a better quality of life.


Adhering to the vision of a trusted partner, Shen Ge invested a new lean factory in the beautiful and clean Anhui Mount Huangshan in 2013. It continued to meet customers' pursuit of high cost performance capacity while staying away from the urban dust and haze. Meanwhile, we found a long-term partnership in Taiwan and Malaysia. With the establishment of a service base for local customers, the quality of customer service has been greatly improved.


Efficiency, quality and innovation are the core values of the bid, produce the most stable capacity with the highest efficiency, and maintain continuous innovation in all fields. We look forward to the future in more markets with you, and continue to be your trusted partner.